Beautiful Handmade Quilts for newborn Babies


Me and my mum made these baby quilts for my daughter..... our first attempt after reading few how-to-guides :D.... it is very satisfying art....

Colourful and coordinating simple baby quilts are adorable and you can induce many creative ideas according to your preferences. Watching your kid sleeping comfortably in an adorable creates a lifetime memory in your mind, have you got such feeling?


Wool and silk are the best options for crafting baby quilt in no time. These handmade baby quilts are not only affordable but create lifetime memories. You can buy these cute quilts made from any material like wool, silk, fleece, flannel and even Chenille.

Personalized baby quilts are the perfect option to gift for newborn babies or mothers-to-be. You can find many variations in choosing fabric material as well. Checkout our Quilting fabrics and panels available in our store online!

Baby Quilt for boys, Animal print for baby quilts, Applique quilts
This picture was printed on my baby shower decorative ballons :D

Quilted baby animal's Noah's Arc

Our Little Girl received these quilts and hats as gift -All made of soft Cotton flanelle material

In Our second project we decided to experiment with the technique of preserving old Heirloom fabrics through Quilting process.
 We got inspired by the art of preserving old family heirloom or sweaters as tradition by quilting them.... hence we used an old pure cotton 9 yard saree as filling for this quilt.... So our girl has a piece of history that belongs to her great grandma ..which hopefully she will treasure..... The fabric used for quilting the design and covering is also from similar heirloom clothes

used an image from old greting card

This is a heritage heirloom quilt

Just crocheted all the left over wool to make this hippie style baby afghan

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