Photoshop Art -1

First time this year I got an opportunity to put my Photoshop skills to support theatre group at Melbourne….Thanks to Mandar Vaidya..who gave me the opportunity to be part of the play by using my skills…

 Marathi Mandal Victoria this year presented a Marathi play “Suryachi Pilley” for which I created the poster of this Old Man… The play required photo of an old man who has some resemblance to one of the actor in the play… so I transformed one of the actor’s photo (below) to look like old man….


The play also required photo of an old traditional Maharastrian Lady. After frustating efforts of searching for a decent size photo on all search engines, we decided to take some help from Photoshop!Borrowed this picture from some free website…and transformed her in to an old lady! (Sinister thing to do to a bridal photo :) )

  Let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements for me … 

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