Easy Craft - Felt Owl!

making sure the pattern and felt pieces match
I recently came across this simple free pattern from Articles Sew Simple site. I created this owl from the same pattern. Its quick and easy hope you'll will like it. 

Please download the pattern from the link above.

Materials: Two contrast colour felt pieces, Suitable colour Cotton Embroidery thread, Thick Embroidery needle, 2 black buttons(small size), small piece of ribbon

back side and front side
  1.  Cut out the various body parts from the pattern
  2. Place the various body parts on the felt and pin it together. Cut the felt pieces as mentioned.Tip: Cut body, Eyes, beak and foot pattern in same colour felt. Use contrast colour felt for pupil, face and tummy pattern
  3.  Stick the face, tummy, eyes, pupil and beak with craft glue on front side of the body. (use glue sparingly) Stitch all parts with running stitch using  the embroidery thread. Use thick and bold coloured thread so it stands out. (stitches should be even and small in sizes)
  4. Stitch the black buttons for perfect eyes with a black thread. 
  5. Using Blanket Stitch cover the outline of the four feet's. This will stop the frail edges and give a finished look
  6. Stitch the hands to the back side of the body and the feet to the front side of the body. Use matching thread for this stitch so it's not visible in the final product 
    Blanket Stitch
    pattern vs final product
  7. Match the felt pieces with the pattern cut out as shown below. This will ensure you have all the pieces in right places.
  8. Stick the backside and front side of the owl's body using a blanket stitch. 
  9. Keep a small opening near the feet, so as to fill in the wadding. 
  10. Close the end with blanket stitch or running stitch. 
  11. Stick some fancy ribbon on the top as a hook. I thought of adding hook after completing the project.  (Tip: attach the hook to the backside of the body before stitching for more professional look)

It took me only 3 hours to complete this project on Sunday afternoon!

hanging proudly on nursery room's door
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