Embroidery Art

Hello People!

There's one more of my crazy ideas... I  start off project with one view and end up finding completely new use for it!I started embroidering a white cotton bedspread (something that rubbed off on to me from my neighbourhood housewives in 1999)

This project took longest period of 5 years to complete ! It was humongous project that was always kept on the back burner :)
So I printed floral peacock design on four corners of the bed spread and a freehand design in the centre. I used silk threads and cotton silk threads for embroidery.

Stitches used for Peacock Design:
  • Satin stitch
  • Stem stitch
  • two thread running stitch
  • Chain stitch
French knot (moti taka) was used for completing the free hand design in the centre.

 Later I realised that using this white bedspread for everyday living is not ideal. (Note: I am not a fan of "daag acche hai movement!")
So decided to reuse it as decor item. Peacock design was cutout and glued on plain beige coloured lamp shades. (See Below).

 The centre free hand design was framed to make a wall decor.
The work has very professional finish and people promptly ask, "Where can I buy this?"
I am always happy to say that it's one of piece made by me :) 

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