Quick and Easy - Wollen Quilt

This cheat quilt is brain child of my Mum and me---- who always love to make quirky things from "Items for Sale" box placed outside the craft store ! 

Items required for the quilt :

  1. Woollen Knitted Squares
  2. Quilt Wadding (Polymer fibre)
  3. Spare Cotton piece for backing 
  4. Some spare wool 
  5. Some pare time and Patience 
 As we love checking the sale box at our corner craft store , we stumbled across stash of knitted samples of various types of wool. These were for 50cents each and unanimously we thought it will be of great use! So after brainstorming and watching/reading too many BHG magazines we had this "Cheat Quilt" Idea! 

Quilts made from scratch includes preparing the quilting blocks (in this case the knitted samples) , which are stitched  together. So we stitched all blue shaded blocks together (hand sewing, machine doesn't work :( thanks Mum )
Then attached wadding and backing of the same size. To get exact square shape we had to twist some corners inside the quilt. Once all the ends were stitched (by hand) we used baby blue coloured wool for quilting (running stitches across the blanket)  squares which keeps the wadding and backing together. 

Credit of making this Quilt entirely goes to my Mum for doing all the hand stitching :) ... I tried to play the role of catalyst ... to keep her motivated from time to time :D 

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