Stained Glass Painting - Flowers


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In early 2002 as I was busy enrolling in to various art classes and learning new skills... I came across stain glass painting. 


Originally this art involved cutting coloured stones of varying sizes and piecing them together with lead material to make a picture. This picture was then illuminated with back light! 


Stained glass lamp shades are the perfect elements to utilize for this art. It needs a glass tinting paint that is easily available either online or offline.

Glass painting designs of peacock are quite famous among house owners as peacock is considered as lucky bird in many cultures around the world. You can paint wine glasses to get the feel of same elegance that were during the time of historic rulers all over the world.

Though authentic lampshades are still made in this pattern, wall decors can be made with easy tools and skills.

Materials used

  • Wooden frame
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Stained glass paints
  • Flower pattern printed on A4 size paper
  • White liner  
  • Glass frosting gel

 Step by step process:

  • Remove the glass from the wooden frame and place it on the A4 size pattern. 
  • Using White liner trace the pattern on the glass
  • Let it dry for 30-40 minutes paint the flowers with stain glass paints. Be careful not to mask the outline
  • Mix two colours to create shaded effect ( see leaves)
  • If the pattern is small then cover the rest of the glass with glass frosting gel or make some patterns with paint(as shown) 
  • Leave the painting flat for drying
  • Add crumpled aluminium foil to the background of the frame before setting the glass frame
  • This makes your design stand out! 
  • The right side of the glass is turned inside while framing. This means you can't feel the paints and liner after framing. 

This is very versatile art and can be used for painting window panes, cabinet doors and entrance doors. You also get readymade stained glass panels as wall lights from IKEA !


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