Crochet Dress - Toddler

finished look 1
Hello Friends,

I was busy making this dress for past two weeks for S (I was not ignoring my blog)
It was Makar Sankranti ( bhogi/ pongal) Indian festival on 15th Jan 2012. Traditionally we wear black coloured dress on this day and give Tilgul ( sesame snaps) to our friends and relatives. 

Frock Body-Closer look
closer look at the button/belt section

Embroidery on the frill
Materials used: 
  • Black Fabric from old skirt 
  • Cotton thread black and pink
  • 2 pink buttons
  • Sewing needle
Time: 10 days working 1 hour each day on the project.

  1. Add button stitch all around the fabric (at top end)
  2. Start Single Crochet stitch in each button hole
  3. After 2 lines of single crochet, start new colour thread and make bobble crochet in every alternate chain
  4. Add single crochet in the next line.
  5. Using black thread try to reduce the circumference of the work by inserting half crochet in every third chain. 
  6. Ensure the finished circumference matches the finished width required. ( any adjustment can be made at this stage)
  7. Repeat this row till the required width is completed. 
  8. For the back, leave 10 chains from both side. These will form the arms of the dress. 
  9. The chains remaining in between should be crocheted with half crochet. 
  10. Decrease two chains from both ends after every second line, until 12 chains are reduced.
  11. Bind off the work. using pink colour thread use 6 chains from both ends to form 2 belts. 
  12. Measure the length required for the belt and add button hole five lines before binding off. 
  13. Add buttons in the front of the body 
  14. Iron the work to give a finished look
Tip: Try the dress on toddler before starting belts, so to ensure everything is right and also get exact measurement for belts

finished look 2
Enhancements: Add crochet flowers with fancy buttons in the front to enhance the look.  

Happy Crafting! Awaiting your response

Little S modelling the dress

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