How to Salvage a Project

Original Quilt -1
Knit square which unravelled
 Refer to my previous post here, to know more about this quilt and how it was created!
So after we completed the quilt and washed it ,knitting of one block unravelled exposing the wadding inside!

Disastrous thing to happen considering the amount of time and energy that was invested in it.  Plus we did decide to gift this to one of our friends baby!
Double OOPS!
       After a lot of cribbing and frustration with ourselves we decide to salvage the project with minimum effort.

Crocheted Blue Patch
So we started crocheting same size patch with shades of blue wools ... spares lying in back of the cupboard :) .... 
Removed the previous woollen stitches and applied the new patch. We did not waste time removing the unravelled patch just covered it with the new one and quilted the squares again to match with the rest of the pattern!
Final Quilt with new patch

 Mental notes for myself !
  1. Always wash the knitting samples before quilting
  2. Don't waste time cribbing and frustrating
  3. Spare craft items can always be handy when one needs to salvage the project
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