Embroidery Patterns- Blast from the Past 1

Hello Friends!

I have managed to scan my design book which I started in 1996. Sorry for such a bad scanning job.. but the book is in fragile stage and can no longer take the extra handling of the scanning process. I thought leaving the scanned images as is will give them the retro look which these well overused pictures truly deserve!

These images are very close to my heart b'coz each one has a story about how I manage to get these designs from the neighbouring crafting ladies; who guarded their designs very jealously and needed a lot of persuasion before they agree to share !
I have spent many school holidays using these designs and collecting more for fabric painting, embroidering tablecloths and making greetings cards . These designs also gave me inspirations to make my own patterns and explore more creative skills.
Its difficult to believe but this was time when there was no Google to help me find more designs and teach me the crafting skills through YouTube (long live the Internet!)My current designs don't have any story to tell but just a web page link :|

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