Embroidery Table Cloth

In my recent trip to India I was able to capture all my old craft project through my lens and decided to share with you all! 

It was nostalgic to see all the various craft projects I created and recollecting all the stories associated with it was best way to spend some time at my mum's place :)

This embroidery piece was made in 1997  and still being used as table cloth in mum's kitchen :D

The cloth's colour is faded and can't be revived much through photo shop either :P , but the embroidery is still pretty. 

In 90's all schools were suppose to teach some craft subject for all ages from year 5 to year 10. This is where I learnt most of my embroidery stitches, and this piece was my final submission for my craft subject in 1997. So it has nice classroom memories attached to it and hence very close to my heart. 

Do you have any special projects which have a nostalgic value added ? Do share with me by leaving a link in the comment box. 

Happy Crafting 

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