Ribbon Embroidery on Saree

Design on the Pallu

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!

Introducing the most veteran crafter in our family... My Grandma's work for first time! 

Now the blog officially reflects projects made by three generations of ladies.... My Grandma, mum and me ..hooray!
Design on the border of the saree

My grandma is in her late 70's and loves learning new things even at this age! She recently started following my blog (well her neighbour shows her the blog on her laptop once everyweek) and she showed interest in being part of this blog. She's a very verstalie artists, she is great cook, a very well eshtablished writer in Marathi, a good speaker and leader( head of senior citizen institute) and pursues crafts in her spare time. Me and my mum learnt the knitting and crochet from her and now she still learns new things and passes on the knowledge to us. 

She learnt ribbon embroidery 3-4 years ago and since then has gifted me with 4 embroidered sarees. She made this one for my mum. I will post some more photos of my sarees later in the year.

Design on the border of the saree
She recently learnt some new jewllery techniques using glass beads and has gifted a nice choker to my little one. ( will post that  too soon..) 

So I am very happy to see her keen interest in my activties and willingness to contribute more even at this age! I would be lucky to have half of her engery when I turn that old! 

What do you think our new contributor to the Blog! 

Happy Crafting! 

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