Stain Glass Painting - Window Pane project

One more stained glass work created while discovering the new medium of painting which I learnt from celene deco art products in India.
 I removed the glass  from the kicthen window pane and painted it with abstract painting. I experimented using copper colour instead of black liner for drawing all the elements. I used frosting paint and opaque jelly (can't remember its correct name, but it looks like hairstyling jel that hardens after applying and gives a textured effect) 

I also added dash of glitter on wet paint to glam it up a bit!   

My mum loves this painting as it creates colourful shadows in the kitchen when the sun in the east rises and sunshine seeps through the window. It reminds her of me and makes her day start with vibrant mood... ( I learnt this when I asked her if I can clean the window pane and make something else on it.. in my recent trip to India)
 Have you upgraded your window's recently, share your ideas by dropping a link in comment box..

Happy Painting! 

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