Collage Ganesha - Recycling craft

Ganpati Bappa Moraya---- Ganesh Festival is soon approaching and everyone must be busy preparing the decorations for the festivities. 
I love celebrating this festival the most. I always love to create some unique art pieces as part of the decorations. I made this collage in 1998 as part of the decoration for Bappa's arrival.    

I decided to make a recycled craft that's quick and chic without costing a bomb.  My father collected lots of peacock feathers every year during their molting period. He worked in defence factory which was surrounded by forests on all sides, so lots of natures bounties were to be found. (best way to spend one hour of lunch break, I guess!) 
  1. Peacock feathers, 
  2. Spare Cardboard box lid, 
  3. white thick plain paper, 
  4. Old Wedding Invitation card, 
  5. Glitter, 
  6. Scissors, 
  7. Glue, 
  8. Coloured pencils 
  1. Cover the cardboard box lid with white thick sheet.
  2. Arrange the peacock feathers in circular fan shape and glue them one by one when you are happy with the placement.
  3. While the glue is drying start creating the image of Lord Ganesha. I cutout the beautifully carved corners of old wedding invitation card and used it as the crown. The corners were embossed on beige colour paper, I coloured it with colour pencils to brighten it up. 
  4. Use the remaining invitation to cut out the face and body parts of the Ganesha. Paint the details on the back side and paint with appropriate colours. 
  5. Cut out each body part separately so its easy to stick and decorate. 
  6. Add glitter to the edges of all body parts and let it dry.
Time : It takes up to 4 hours from scratch. 

Happy crafting everyone ! Enjoy the festivities 

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