The New Begining ...for MISS CRAFTY

Dear Readers,

The spring has sprung and brought new changes to our little blog 'Miss Crafty'. We are starting a new venture to take our love for craft to a next level. Blogging has given us confidence and platform to show case our projects and passion for craft to broader audience.

This experience and appreciation from all the readers as inspired us to launch 'THE CRAFT GALLERY', Your Online Craft Store in October 2012. You can find variety of craft supplies at discounted price for all types of crafts.

We are introducing a unique concept of recycling craft supplies through this store. We would buy the old craft supplies which you may not use anymore and give you credit points / cash to buy other supplies which are relevant to your current hobby. ( more information coming soon...)

You could also find handcrafted products on our website. Moving forward we would extend this service to our customers who wish to sell their handcrafted projects online.

Its exciting going through these changes , being busy cataloguing and photographing our products and getting ready for our Launch in October 2012.

Look forward to your support and love.

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Happy Crafting