Ceramic Painting - Key Holder

 This post was published on Craftziners on 29th August 2012.
Hello Crafters,

Today I am sharing some clay art which I created in 2001. Its a key ring holder. 

  1. Ceramic Powder
  2. Acrylic colours
  3. pre cut ply - key holder shape
  4. Water Based Glue 
  5. Water
  6. Resin
  1.  Apply primer to the ply board and paint with metallic colour. I chose golden colour
  2. Make a soft dough of porcelain clay (use small quantity), water and glue. Its should not be sticky and should be firm enough to hold its shape
  3. Prepare various shapes and press it on the painted ply. 
  4. Use remaining porcelain clay and glue to make dough. its should be bit more runny which can be piped through a piping bag.
  5. Fill zip lock bag with the dough paste and snip off one of the corner to make a cone for piping the paste. 
  6. Draw small items like twigs, leaves and small flowers, outlines using this method.
  7. Let it dry overnight and paint with your favourite acrylic colours
  8. Once the colours are dry apply thin coat of resin on all the design. This makes it look shiny and makes it easy to maintain.  
Tips: Lay the ply flat at all times. 

Time: 4-5 Days inclusive of the drying time.

Happy Crafting 

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