Hand Embroidered Saree - Grandma's Creation

Dear readers,
Today I would like to share a beautiful handmade gift which is very precious for me . My grandma embroidered this Saree and gifted me for my first Diwali after our wedding. So it has a very special for me.

My Grandma learnt special embroidery stitch "Kantha work" and she immediately tried it on this Saree. she also adorned all the flowers with kundan (artificial rhinestones). I love the small even stitches across the design. 
The embroidery is on the skirting of the Saree and pallu. I like the small flower motif is used on pallu and rest of the Saree is left plain. This gives it a very delicate look. 

She even embroidered the blouse sleeves for me. 

I will share many more Saree embroidered my grandma in coming months.. Do let me know your views, suggestions

Happy Crafting....!!!

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