Handmade Jewellery - Grandma's Creation

Hello crafters, 
I am very happy to share these beautiful handmade necklaces made by my Grandma. She recently learnt how to make the beads and join them to make a necklace. So obviously she made the first one for her greatgranddaughter and granddaughter (me) as a Diwali Gift :) All of them are chokker style and made from imitation jewellery pieces.
Bright red and white necklace for little S

Black beads necklace for me. As alternative Mangalsutra

Closer look of the black beads necklace

Red and White Beads Necklace

Bollywood style fancy Chokker Necklace

Closer look of the Chokker Necklace

I prefer wearing the black necklace more than the other chokker neckpiece. Drop a comment to pick your favorite one

Happy crafting 

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