Thread Painting - Greeting Cards

Today I am sharing one of my old unique cards which me and my father made in school summer holidays. I liked them so much that I have never shared it with anyone. 

Card sheet, threads (various sizes), water paints and some sketch pens 
  1. Take two same size card sheet.
  2. Take any length embroidery threads and dip threads in various inks or paints
  3. Spread the threads on one card in asymmetrical style. Press the second card on it .
  4. Pull the threads while pressing the two cards together. 
  5. This creates the symmetrical lines on both the cards.
  6. Add few details with sketch pens / sharpie to create various forms or shapes from these lines. 
I did the fun part of making imprints from the coloured threads whereas my dad did the creative part of making some shapes out of those lines. 

First one reads: Loneliness; Second one reads: Waves

Did you liked this idea? Would like to know if I can use this technique in any other share your thoughts...

Reads: Blurred memories

Happy Crafting!!

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