Fabric Embossed Painting

Hello lovely people,

Today I am going to share my kit art with you. Since 2000 there's new craze of getting craft kits in India. I got the bug once and I tried this emboss painting kit from the craft shop in 2002. 

So the kit included a velvet cloth with printed picture of this lady. The painting was covered in some grey solution. Some glitter paints in primary colours were provided along with a mediocre brush. One leaflet instructions were enough to get me moving with this project. 

I had to paint all the grey coloured sections of the design with my choice of colours and let it dry over night. The glitter paints could be mixed with other colours or white colour to change the shade.
After the painting is dry , press it from the wrong side with hot steam iron. The hot steam makes the painted area puff and looks like embossed. Looks like magic! 

I got the velvet cloth framed. One of my friend loved it and ask me to make similar thing for her wedding. So I painted a beautiful peacock for her. 

Later I found out that the grey solution is the cloth embossing paint which can be applied to any fabric to get that puffed look.  I used that fabric embossing paint for some project , but was disappointed with the result. 

Now I just don't feel the novelty of using these crafts kits anymore. Now I like to do crafts from scratch.

Do share your kit arts with me.

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