Knitted Hand Clutch

Hello Crafters!!

My mum is the new pinterest addict in our house...thanks to yours truly :)

She learned Garter stitch with two threads through a pinterest video pin and created this cute clutch with her own pattern.

I love the colour ripples and the simplicity of this project.

What do you think?

Crochet Neck Cowl - Mustard Yellow

 Hello Readers!!

I have recently completed 2-3 crochet project which are quick and easy to make. I have selected few of my favourite pinterest pins and made these projects.

I always wanted to make neck warmer/cowl which is buttoned so I don't loose it :)
So while exploring one of my pin I stumbled on to this design and I have even tried to match the wool colour too.

Materials: 1 Skein of Bulky Yarn , 8mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, 2 wooden buttons.

Stitches: V stitch pattern is used to make this cowl.

Pattern: please click on the link above to get the pattern from original source.

 I am going to share some more crochet projects in following posts.....
Please do share your projects too!!

Happy Crafting


Crochet Mobile Cover

Hello Readers!!

My mum recently crocheted this cute little mobile cover from some spare wool. I liked the bead combination she has used for the flap opening. She created it on her own without any pattern to follow, but she depends on her memory a no written pattern for the blog :(

Happy Crafting!!