Crochet Scarf for mum

 Made this beautiful scarf for my mum. Autumn is about to start so getting ready for colder months.....

This pattern is again inspired from pinterest pins and I have not altered this pattern at all. I made this as surprise gift for my mum overnight...its really quick and can be completed in 2hours. 

The weave is thick and cozy. Also I learned how to make fringe with this pattern. 

Share your projects too.!!

100th Post !!Crochet Turban for newborn baby

Hello Friends!!

Meet our little Sardar Teddy Singh! We are celebrating our 100th Post today!!

 I made this cute turban crochet for our new member who will be arriving soon in to our world. I used the pattern from pinterest pin. 

I just got this idea of adding some pearls where the four ribs are clutched together. Its very quick and easy pattern to follow. It took me only 2.5 hours from start to finish for this project. 

 I used baby yarn of 4ply instead of worsted, but crocheted it bit loose, so it matches the gauge required for the project .

Thank you for all your ongoing support and following...... 

Happy Crocheting


Crochet Bulky Skullcap

Sharing some more Pinterest inspired projects...

 I made this skullcap with folded flap for myself.... I loved this pattern  and was perfect for using all the bulky yarn. 

This pattern required 1.5 skein of yarn. So I had to use another colour for the flap. Coincidentally now it matches with my neck warmer project.

Handmade Beads Curtain

Hello Readers!!
Today I am sharing my mum's latest creation "Beads Curtain". She chose some cool combination of glass beads and pipes to make this curtain. Its used as fancy decor to divide the open living area in dining and living zones.
Sorry for the poor photography, but these were taken after the project was finished so we couldnot prop it in any fancy way.
Do Share your views and ideas