Crochet Baby Change Bag

Crocheted Baby Change Bag - Pictorial Given Below

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to share my  First Crochet Pattern YAAAY!!!
I adapted this pattern from a knitting pattern seen in Natural Knits for Babies and toddlers book by Tina Barrett.
This handy changing bag also doubles up as a changing mat. It is ideal for storing all the essential equipment and has useful front pocket too.

Knitted Baby Change Bag - Inspiration

I have tried to capture every step in pictures below, hope it makes sense to all you readers. I have also written some basic crochet pattern below. (Click to continue..for pictorial instructions..... long post)

Milk Bottle Cover - Knitting Project

Knitted Milk Bottle Cover, one more addition to our newborn baby's collection made by my Mum. When we saw the pattern for this project in Baby & Knits Book, we couldn't resist making one. It is simple yet elegant looking pattern. I love the edging pattern.
It will go well with the baby change bag too!! Post coming soon..

Happy Crafting !!


Baby Quilt

Dear Readers,

I made this baby quilt from IKEA Textiles I purchased sometime ago. I made this quilt for our new baby who will join us soon.

Materials Used:
  • 1m length Printed Cotton Fabric
  • Cotton Thread
  • Quilting Needle
  • Polyfill

I loved the Hummingbird Design on this fabric and decided to place it in the centre of the quilt and quilted straigth lines around it to get the fluffiness.
  • The fabric was folded in half and stitched on two sides from the wrong side.
  • Turn the fabric inside out and fill with polyfill or any quilt batting you life.
  • Blanket stitch to close the ends.
  • I quilted small stitches in straight rows at equal distances and ensured the hummingbird is not stitched over.
Its a very quick one day project for a newborn.

Alphabet Quilt for pre-schooler

 Dear Readers,

I couldn't resist myself from using one of the Quilt Panels from our Store when I saw this cute alphabet print.

Materials Used:

  • Printed Quilt Panel
  • Pre-Quilted Silk Backing
  • Black Thread
  • Quilting Needle

Step By Step:

  1. Stitch the backing to the panel by folding the edges to make a border. Use hemming to get a neat finish result
  2. I used thick cotton thread for quilting the alphabet boxes to get a puffed up effect. Use running stitch for quilting the boxes.
I am very pleased with the end result of this quilt. It's a surprise for my little girl.

Hope you will find such insipration from our fabric range too!!

Happy Crafting!








Newborn Baby Crochet Set

 Hello Readers,

The great response received for the baby turban inspired me to make a complete set for our new member. So I was back to my pinterest Crochet board to find more patterns.
I love this baby cardigan pattern from  Yarny Days Blog as I wanted to learn the knack of making a continuous one piece sweater. The pattern was easy to follow, but I had to amend it as  I was using very light weight yarn and also wanted ribbed pattern to match with the turban.
Materials used:
  • Light weight acrylic multi coloured yarn.
  • 3.5mm Crochet Hook
Changes made to the original Pattern:
Started with 48 chains instead of 38.
The circumference of the cardigan measured 28 inches before beginning the pattern
I alternated between front loop and back loop for each row to get the ribbed pattern.
Used same colour yarn for the edging
space out the three buttons to close the cardigan completely
Baby Booties: I wanted to try this Baby Booties pattern for so long. Finally got a perfect reason to make these.
Again I made some changes to the pattern. I used 3.5mm hook for the sole and then 4mm hook for the side and top of the booties.
They seemed to be too small for newborn when I made using only 3.5mm hook as suggested in the pattern.
This was very quick project took me only 10 hours to complete the set. I hope it fits the new born perfectly.
Have you created something from Pinterest recently?
Please do share here
Happy Crafting