Salt Dough Decorations - Fun Crafts for kids

I am very proud to posts some of my little girl's craft work on this blog today! 
Introducing 4th Generation Crafter in our house, our daugther 3yr old Shreya.

 I loved the idea of creating salt dough gift tags on Pinterest. So I thought of introducing this art to Shreya and create something unique and fun.
Plain Flour
Rangoli Colours (Coloured Limestone Powder)
Water Based Glue
Cookie Cutters

 Step by Step process:

1. Mix the salt and flour with water to make a pliable dough.

2. Roll the dough and cut various shapes with cookie cutter.
Make whole in each shape for tying strings for hanging later.

 3. Bake these shapes in microwave for 20-20 seconds at 900W.

4. Ensure it firms the dough without any discoloration

5. Apply glue to one side of the shape and dip in preferred rangoli powder and shake off any excess

6. Let it dry in sun for 30 minutes.

7. Tie fancy ribbons or strings and make a bunting for your kids room.

Shreya loved doing all the rolling , cutting and colouring process and is very proud to display it in her window.

Its a good activity to keep kids busy for 2-3 hours for quiet play time.

Do share your thoughts and views on it.

Happy Crafting