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Open Invitation: For All Crafters and Artists!! Join Us in Our Handmade Gift Shop!

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Who Are We?

The Craft Gallery is an Online Retail Shop specializing in Craft Supplies and Hand-Made Gifts. 

We are the leading online shopping destination for Australia’s smart shoppers, and are proudly 100% Australian owned!

We believe that the internet has made the world a better place to shop, and our goal is to make the latest craft supplies more affordable for every Craft artist and Craft lover.

The Craft Gallery, Handmade Gifts, Craft Supplies Together – we are a Team

We understand that you are crafters / artists and would like to spend more time on Creativity than worrying about How to sell your creations

  The Craft Gallery Team brings the latest Technology including SEO, Social media networking, Online marketing experts and Brand Promotion to the table.

 You bring the unique handmade products to the table.

Let’s get together and embrace a new journey to sell and purchase Craft Supplies and Hand-Made goods online to the World
Handmade Gifts

Package Deal –

Upload Service charge $7.00 for every 10

Products per month plus 10%

Commission when item sold.

P.S.Free Offer is Ending on 14 Feb 2014

How can we deliver together?

We believe 3 things are important in achieving any dream. Focus, Focus and Focus.

·         We ‘Focus’ on what we love –Assisting others to achieve their dreams. We do that by providing online platform to craft artists such as yourself, managing The Craft Gallery website, uploading images of your products, promoting your products and notifying you once the product is sold.

·         You ‘Focus’ on what you love –Making Extraordinary Craft Items.

·         Together we ‘Focus’ on taking the handmade items to the world. Contact us to register ; let’s get the journey started.

How it works 

Step -1 YOU send us the pictures when your product is ready to be shipped.
Step-2 We Upload the pictures on our website

o   Do the promotion and marketing on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog. etc   

o   We also have
Facebook shop integrated completely to provide easy shopping experience for our followers

Step-3 When the product is sold, we notify you by email and sms

Step-4 YOU ship the product to the new owner

Step-5 WE deposit the money in your bank account before 5pm (AEST) on last working day of every month.


1.       How many products can we upload?

A: There is no limit for number of products; however The Craft Gallery reserves the right to choose the product to maintain uniqueness and quality.

2.       How many pictures for each product can we upload?

A: Again no limit, however, we recommend a maximum of 5 pictures per product.

3.       How is the commission calculated?

A: Commission is calculated based on the base price of the product. E.g. a 10 variety greeting card Packet is considered as 1 product. If it’s base price is $15, then we charge $1.5 as our selling commission. (In addition to the upload service charge)

Note: We DO NOT calculate our commission based on price including postage.

4.       What about shipping Australia-wide?

A: We calculate postage based on weight and charge as per Australia Post policy. We advise you to do the same. Let us know the (approx.) postage for your product.

5.       How about shipping overseas

A: Again, we recommend Australia Post for overseas shipping. We generally advise buyers of the shipping charges up-front.

6.       I have more Questions on terms and conditions OR I need more information

A: Contact us  any time…!

Valentine Gift Box - Parchment Art

Valentine Box
Parchment Art (Pergamano) is 15th Century Art which has now been revived by Norwegian Artist and branded as Pergamano. Embossing, stippling, perforating, colouring and cutting of vellum paper are elements associated with Parchment Art, isn’t exciting?
This incredible vellum art is widely utilized for crafting various kinds of cards. This technique is used on picture frames, bookmarks and even sculptural paper work as well. 
With the help of coloured pencils, the parchment art can be taken to next level.
Art lovers all over the world visit the Parchment Art galleries to appreciate the art work created by professionals. If you are looking for Parchcraft Australia services, look no further than The Craft Gallery. We can make you fall in love with embossed paper art pieces
Please contact us now in order to buy our paper parchment craft art pieces. We specialize in delivering stunningly creative Parchment Art pieces for the people like You!

Valentine Box - Open view
This art involves many skills like tracing, embossing, painting and perforating with special scissors. Tools for these skills are also produced by Pergamano Company and Parchment Craft Australia (PCA). 
I learnt this art in 2002 in Pune through one of those classified art class advertisements. Though, later I learnt that the lady was not registered teacher (She certainly had the skills - but never gave the certification exam).
I made a fan - wall decor under her supervision in India, but later kept on finding more free patterns from Pergamano website to pursue my own art. 

A sweet message inside the box

This box was created in 2008 by using a free pattern provided on the Pergamano website. 
1.       A3 size White Vellum Paper
2.      Gold Tint Ink
3.      Embossing Tool
4.      Perga Glue
5.      Perforating needles
6.      Perforating Scissors
7.      Embossing Pad 
8.     Perforation Pad 

Valentine Box - Lid with Angel Pic

I liked this box as it’s an ideal size for those surprise cute gifts and it can be adapted for many occasions by changing the message inside it. These boxes are very quick and easy to make! If you want similar to this one, please let me know. You can visit The Craft Gallery to know more about such products!

Side View of the Box

Thanks for reading, do let me know if you would like one!

Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"