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Introducing New Artists - Sally Green creative Glass Artists

Born with a creative intention to blend art with life,our artist Sally Green is one of the soul who is obsessed of completely transforming even the simplest colours & lines into something truly artistic. Encouraged to paint and draw from a very young age, her passion made her choose the first profession as an airbrush artist. As Sally entered into this exquisite market of arts, she established her own shop where she educated & created murals extensively for public perusal. This wasn’t the only limit, in pursuit of modern art technique that combined her career and creative desire- The Glass Art was formed.
In the year 2002, Sally changed the traditional way of Glass Art & converted it into something very unique using attractive colours & Glass beads, a method known as Lampwork. She took a lot of efforts for over 8 years for creating this artpiece into something very beautiful & exceptional from other similar art. Sally wanted it to be the best of the class & thus she struggled to make her unique Handmade Jewellery Hand-blown Glass adding her own innovative style of arts & some colourful Glass Beads. Her skills are commended worldwide & especially in the Australian Art Galleries. This doesn’t stop her from hunting & trying out new ideas to reinvent her Glass Art making it superior. She never gets tired to justify her passion & works on her Glass art in her Studio which is based out of Dandenong range, east of Melbourne.
Lampwork is a kind of art that requires a lot of dedication & endurance. If you are a true believer of this art only then you find it easy to make. These believer of arts can only be the people who are eligible to call themselves as Artists. The artists can only understand what it takes to make the Lampwork beads using the glass & torch. There is a proper technique of heating the glass & beads, giving it a required shape, adding the ornamental elements & choosing the perfect range of colours to mix-up with one another.
These Glass beads can be availed as per the choice – simple ones without any embellishments or the ones with decorative objects. Various coatings of colourful glasses are used by melting them in order to obtain the finest look of the artpiece. The practice of making hand-blown glass is very difficult and it takes years of practice to get it perfect. Our Artist Sally has reached the level where she has earned the identity of being one of the greatest artists to make the Glass Art famous & elegant to wear.
Her range of creations are available for display on her website where one can contact the artist and get the custom pieces crafted by her & completely unique from others. One thing can be definite that once you wear the Glass Artpiece made by Sally Green, you surely going to look graceful and will get beautiful compliments.

5 Tips for Selling Your Handmade Products Online!

Nowadays, it’s very fashionable, convenient and fabulous branding opportunity for artists to display and sell their products online! There are so many ways you could start your online brand presence with Social Media Shops, Websites, Online marketplaces and Online Handmade Shops.

Most artists find it daunting to start their journey with selling online and are often unsure what to look for when joining new marketplaces. Also to launch your own website and to bring huge amount of traffic to the website, takes a lot of time, effort and money! Showcasing at local galleries is also passé now, due to high commission and limitation of region.

Follow these 5 tips to Make Informed Decision and Rock Your Business Online in 2014!

Online Businesses are flourishing and with influx of new websites coming every day. So in 2014, having good SEO or SMO practices are not enough to get you wide visibility and customer base online! Co-opetition is the new trend you need to adapt to make the most of your Online Business!!

Small handmade businesses can join hands with online marketplaces, Online Galleries and shops as part of their Co-opetition strategy to ride the online trend in 2014! These online handmade businesses are already well established and have strong implementation of marketing strategies which will give you wide online presence and it also improves the bottom line of your business.

They have established admin practices and do most of the marketing for you, so that you can concentrate much more on the making and selling, then when you have your own private website. 

There are three levels of online sites to promote your handmade products:
·         online directories that are often part of a membership offer, and they give short listings and direct to your own website e.g. Australia Craft Network, Creative Addiction, Handmade HQ, Craft HQ
·          online market places where you create and market your own shop e.g. Etsy, Madeit, and similar many more
·         online shops that sell your products e.g. HardtoFind, TheCraftGallery
Each of these levels ask for a different input from you, and charge different rates and commissions. (More info coming in next blog posts--- Watch this Space!)

So, where do you start your Online Journey?

Online selling tip 1: What’s out there for me?

There are tons of websites on the internet which allows different users to sell their products in exchange of some sort of commissions. But there are few important fundamentals that you should know before signing up with any online shop to sell your products.
  1. What fees does the provider charge
  2. What are the payment plans and services offered
  3. Who is the target audience
  4. Does your target audience matches with theirs, brand and price level
  5. Do they sell products that you wish to sell
  6. What are the terms & condition to sign up & terminate etc
  7. How does the website look like?  How user friendly is the site? Both for you, but also your potential clients.
  8. Whats their website traffic? 
Refer to list of more research questions here. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions to your potential Art Galleries, Handmade Shops and Marketplaces.

-        Online Shop or Online Craft Galleries like us, manage marketing and administration on your behalf. We even go one step ahead and promote the artists and their passion too!  So the commission for such services is bit higher than DIY sites, but it FREES up 90% of your screen time.
  Online Marketplaces or Online Handmade Business Directories where you list your products and tag your photos, you will have manage the promotion and most of the admin and it’s like having an online shop

These popular sites can be a great launch pad to set up your own private website, and to link to your own website to drive more traffic to your own site.
Stay away from businesses that don’t link and promote your personal websites or portfolio!

Online selling tip 2: Images that Sell Your Products

Before you are ready to go online, make sure you have quality images of your work that will convince customer to buy your product on single glance. These images should explain the texture, colour & predictable size of the product which makes it easier for buyer to decide. At least 4 images from different angles should be submitted to the provider for display. Maintain your style of images for every single product that you capture for selling or displaying, the theme & background should have some consistency. Images speaks better than words, so make sure you win the game no matter if you need to spend some more bucks but upholding the quality of photography.
Some websites prefer clean shots against a white background, others prefer highly stylised images. Often a combination of overall shot plus a detail shot are the best. Make sure that your images and products fit with the website’s feel, brand, target market and price level.

It’s good idea to present collection of your work based on theme or category, so all products are listed in one category giving you more credibility and positioning. E.g. Newborn Baby gifts series, Fashion Print Series

Online selling tip 5: Tags your products

While having quality images, it is also necessary to code your images with the keywords that you want people to search you with. Playing with the words can really help potential clients find your work. Be very creative in framing your sentences & words. Don’t use jargons, use words that people understand & art lovers put on search engines to view & buy.
You will need to list these words when managing your own online shop, whereas listing with Online Galleries / handmade stores will do it for you as part of service, saving you heaps of experimentation time and energy

Online selling tip 4: Create Gifts!

People love gifting handmade products as they are unique and created with lots of love! So make sure that your products are perfect gifts for various occasions throughout the year like Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas etc. This will ensure that you get more sales and repeat business throughout the year!
Personalised and eGifts which are easy to download are very popular in online retails. Also gifts for men and boys and wedding gifts categories are popular too.
Earn extra brownie points with Beautiful Packaging! Pay special attention to gift presentation and packaging; include photos of your beautiful packaging!

Online selling tip 5: Build your Repertoire

Your professional images, profile and feedback will all contribute to your credibility.
Your websites or product description should be clear and should not make your users doubt you. It is very important to maintain transparency in your business in order to win the trust of your customers. Your online profile defines your credibility so make sure you have an FAQ section or some feed backs about you. Be in good terms with the shop owners and ask for their opinions about your products. Majority of people buy these products online because they have trust on the sites, so get associated with them & their customers to expect long term returns. Be very honest & straight forward with your customer & plan carefully on how you would deal on your returns.

No matter till what extent you follow the steps, but don’t forget to be confident about your products & be positive with the online business world.  

3 Reasons to Shop at our Handmade Gifts Shop This Christmas !

Hello Readers,

We recently started our Handmade Crafts Section on our Shop! Last week we invited all the local Australian Artists to Join us for selling their handmade products.

We started this service for the following reasons....

1. Convenience :

 - People from all over the globe can buy handmade gifts from the comforts of their home! No more spending Weekend Mornings at local craft fairs! Shop craft market unique products 24/7
- Artists don't have to spend time in attending fairs, learning new skills for selling their crafts on ecommerce. They can spend more time doing what THEY LOVE!

- Less Overheads for artists as they don't spend time in marketing and attending fairs
-Saves you money at the checkout!
-The goods are shipped by Artists direct to customers. So less carbon foot print and more savings!! 
3.More Choices:
- Get variety of artworks at one place. No more web browsing or craft market hoping!!
- You will always find your favourite artists here! Never get disappointed at this Online Craft Market!! No more tracking the artists or hoping the craft markets to find your favourite artists!

Visit us and support us to help spread the Handmade Love to many and in turn support our local Artist and Craft Industry!

Happy Crafting


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Open Invitation: For All Crafters and Artists!! Join Us in Our Handmade Gift Shop!

Local Artists, Buy handmade, gifts,

Who Are We?

The Craft Gallery is an Online Retail Shop specializing in Craft Supplies and Hand-Made Gifts. 

We are the leading online shopping destination for Australia’s smart shoppers, and are proudly 100% Australian owned!

We believe that the internet has made the world a better place to shop, and our goal is to make the latest craft supplies more affordable for every Craft artist and Craft lover.

The Craft Gallery, Handmade Gifts, Craft Supplies Together – we are a Team

We understand that you are crafters / artists and would like to spend more time on Creativity than worrying about How to sell your creations

  The Craft Gallery Team brings the latest Technology including SEO, Social media networking, Online marketing experts and Brand Promotion to the table.

 You bring the unique handmade products to the table.

Let’s get together and embrace a new journey to sell and purchase Craft Supplies and Hand-Made goods online to the World
Handmade Gifts

Package Deal –

Upload Service charge $7.00 for every 10

Products per month plus 10%

Commission when item sold.

P.S.Free Offer is Ending on 14 Feb 2014

How can we deliver together?

We believe 3 things are important in achieving any dream. Focus, Focus and Focus.

·         We ‘Focus’ on what we love –Assisting others to achieve their dreams. We do that by providing online platform to craft artists such as yourself, managing The Craft Gallery website, uploading images of your products, promoting your products and notifying you once the product is sold.

·         You ‘Focus’ on what you love –Making Extraordinary Craft Items.

·         Together we ‘Focus’ on taking the handmade items to the world. Contact us to register ; let’s get the journey started.

How it works 

Step -1 YOU send us the pictures when your product is ready to be shipped.
Step-2 We Upload the pictures on our website

o   Do the promotion and marketing on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog. etc   

o   We also have
Facebook shop integrated completely to provide easy shopping experience for our followers

Step-3 When the product is sold, we notify you by email and sms

Step-4 YOU ship the product to the new owner

Step-5 WE deposit the money in your bank account before 5pm (AEST) on last working day of every month.


1.       How many products can we upload?

A: There is no limit for number of products; however The Craft Gallery reserves the right to choose the product to maintain uniqueness and quality.

2.       How many pictures for each product can we upload?

A: Again no limit, however, we recommend a maximum of 5 pictures per product.

3.       How is the commission calculated?

A: Commission is calculated based on the base price of the product. E.g. a 10 variety greeting card Packet is considered as 1 product. If it’s base price is $15, then we charge $1.5 as our selling commission. (In addition to the upload service charge)

Note: We DO NOT calculate our commission based on price including postage.

4.       What about shipping Australia-wide?

A: We calculate postage based on weight and charge as per Australia Post policy. We advise you to do the same. Let us know the (approx.) postage for your product.

5.       How about shipping overseas

A: Again, we recommend Australia Post for overseas shipping. We generally advise buyers of the shipping charges up-front.

6.       I have more Questions on terms and conditions OR I need more information

A: Contact us  any time…!

1st Birthday Special Announcement : Handmade Gifts Section Open

Handmade crafts and gifts

Hello All,

We would love to thankyou all our followers on social media and all our customers for your support and feedback in our first year of Operations!.
We would like to announce opening of our new section "Handmade Gifts and Crafts" to you all! We offer Online Craft Markets to all indie lovers worldwide, saving you all the leg work of visiting local markets for unique gifts!

We sell handmade products made by our artists directly to our craft loving community. Please support us to provide more exposure to crafters/artists from Australia.

We provide the artists with all the ecommerce services like uploading products, managing social media promotion and marketing, so they can have more time for creating beautiful crafts!

If you are an artists or know a friend who would love to save time/ energy and expose their creativity to wider audience, please contact us to join our artists team :)

Happy Crafting !!



Handmade Jewellery - Grandma's Creation

Hello crafters, 
I am very happy to share these beautiful handmade necklaces made by my Grandma. She recently learnt how to make the beads and join them to make a necklace. So obviously she made the first one for her greatgranddaughter and granddaughter (me) as a Diwali Gift :) All of them are chokker style and made from imitation jewellery pieces.
Bright red and white necklace for little S

Black beads necklace for me. As alternative Mangalsutra

Closer look of the black beads necklace

Red and White Beads Necklace

Bollywood style fancy Chokker Necklace

Closer look of the Chokker Necklace

I prefer wearing the black necklace more than the other chokker neckpiece. Drop a comment to pick your favorite one

Happy crafting 

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