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New Artist Introduction - Edith JoChinke from Queen Victoria Market!

Hello All !

We are delighted to introduce you to our new artists and her latest creations listed in our store! 

Edith JoChinke is Australian Artists from Timeless TreasuresThanks! I made it myself

 The very concept of Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts is largely centred on captivating provincial designs with affordable prices, ranging from simple items like coasters, welcome signs, journals and book ends to decorative products like mirrors with fabricated floral patterns, trays, lamp shades, clocks, door hangers, prints and canvas arts. Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts transforms your simple abode to artistic vintage experience. 

Edith is very talented artists who paints beautiful images of bygone era to create charming provincial crafts. She also offers patterns and kits , so you can create vintage charmed crafts yourself! 

Timeless Treasures is located in String Bean alley of Queen Victoria Market , Melbourne. We are very proud to offer her unique and exquisite products on The Craft Gallery Shop!

Now you can enjoy some beautiful and unique products from local Australian Artisan from comfort of your own home, by visiting our shop! 

Happy shopping!

Milk Bottle Cover - Knitting Project

Knitted Milk Bottle Cover, one more addition to our newborn baby's collection made by my Mum. When we saw the pattern for this project in Baby & Knits Book, we couldn't resist making one. It is simple yet elegant looking pattern. I love the edging pattern.
It will go well with the baby change bag too!! Post coming soon..

Happy Crafting !!


Blue Baby Blanket - Crochet

Hi All! 
Sorry for not updating blog recently, just busy with work and getting more projects done! 

I created this baby blanket to welcome our niece in September 2011. As we stay overseas I like to give handmade gifts to create more memories for our relatives.  
Materials used: 8 ply Wool, blue purple, brown and yellow; 5mm crochet needle.
Time: I worked on my projects only 1 hour on weekdays (while travelling on train!) So it took me 4 weeks to complete this gift. 
Pattern: Double Crochet shells 

No matter if you have wealth of all worlds but you can never compare the branded clothing with such hand knit blankets. The kids blankets must be warm, cozy and comfortable. I think nothing is good enough than wool blankets. These are soft and exhibits personalized touch that looks incredibly beautiful.

You will enjoy seeing your baby in blanket that is fully safe and warm. Get quick crochet baby blanket right here from our web store which is open 24 x 7 just for you. If you have any question or bulk order requirement, do not forget to request a quote to get started!

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Easy Craft - Felt Owl!

making sure the pattern and felt pieces match
I recently came across this simple free pattern from Articles Sew Simple site. I created this owl from the same pattern. Its quick and easy hope you'll will like it. 

Please download the pattern from the link above.

Materials: Two contrast colour felt pieces, Suitable colour Cotton Embroidery thread, Thick Embroidery needle, 2 black buttons(small size), small piece of ribbon

back side and front side
  1.  Cut out the various body parts from the pattern
  2. Place the various body parts on the felt and pin it together. Cut the felt pieces as mentioned.Tip: Cut body, Eyes, beak and foot pattern in same colour felt. Use contrast colour felt for pupil, face and tummy pattern
  3.  Stick the face, tummy, eyes, pupil and beak with craft glue on front side of the body. (use glue sparingly) Stitch all parts with running stitch using  the embroidery thread. Use thick and bold coloured thread so it stands out. (stitches should be even and small in sizes)
  4. Stitch the black buttons for perfect eyes with a black thread. 
  5. Using Blanket Stitch cover the outline of the four feet's. This will stop the frail edges and give a finished look
  6. Stitch the hands to the back side of the body and the feet to the front side of the body. Use matching thread for this stitch so it's not visible in the final product 
    Blanket Stitch
    pattern vs final product
  7. Match the felt pieces with the pattern cut out as shown below. This will ensure you have all the pieces in right places.
  8. Stick the backside and front side of the owl's body using a blanket stitch. 
  9. Keep a small opening near the feet, so as to fill in the wadding. 
  10. Close the end with blanket stitch or running stitch. 
  11. Stick some fancy ribbon on the top as a hook. I thought of adding hook after completing the project.  (Tip: attach the hook to the backside of the body before stitching for more professional look)

It took me only 3 hours to complete this project on Sunday afternoon!

hanging proudly on nursery room's door
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Quick and Easy - Wollen Quilt

This cheat quilt is brain child of my Mum and me---- who always love to make quirky things from "Items for Sale" box placed outside the craft store ! 

Items required for the quilt :

  1. Woollen Knitted Squares
  2. Quilt Wadding (Polymer fibre)
  3. Spare Cotton piece for backing 
  4. Some spare wool 
  5. Some pare time and Patience 
 As we love checking the sale box at our corner craft store , we stumbled across stash of knitted samples of various types of wool. These were for 50cents each and unanimously we thought it will be of great use! So after brainstorming and watching/reading too many BHG magazines we had this "Cheat Quilt" Idea! 

Quilts made from scratch includes preparing the quilting blocks (in this case the knitted samples) , which are stitched  together. So we stitched all blue shaded blocks together (hand sewing, machine doesn't work :( thanks Mum )
Then attached wadding and backing of the same size. To get exact square shape we had to twist some corners inside the quilt. Once all the ends were stitched (by hand) we used baby blue coloured wool for quilting (running stitches across the blanket)  squares which keeps the wadding and backing together. 

Credit of making this Quilt entirely goes to my Mum for doing all the hand stitching :) ... I tried to play the role of catalyst ... to keep her motivated from time to time :D 

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Baby Hamper bag ----- made from recycled articles

Setting up kids nursery room was a great way of  motivating myself to come-up with new craft projects.... we would keep window shopping for few days and once we liked any product ... we would brainstorm to replicate that concept with our personal touch by recycling items found in our home.... 

This baby hamper bag is result of such brainstorming.... we used an old quilt cover and plastic hanger from some previous gift packagings and some Sponge (base) and some touch buttons :D...... with some design pattern trials we made this lovely creations....that we still use :) 

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Preserving the tradition

My Attempt of preserving the old tradition of gifting a new born a Baby Rug with a banyan tree leaf motif on it... so I created this banyan leaf shaped quilt as we are overseas and can't find such niche Indian products....

Baby Quilt in a leaf shape

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Beautiful Handmade Quilts for newborn Babies


Me and my mum made these baby quilts for my daughter..... our first attempt after reading few how-to-guides :D.... it is very satisfying art....

Colourful and coordinating simple baby quilts are adorable and you can induce many creative ideas according to your preferences. Watching your kid sleeping comfortably in an adorable creates a lifetime memory in your mind, have you got such feeling?


Wool and silk are the best options for crafting baby quilt in no time. These handmade baby quilts are not only affordable but create lifetime memories. You can buy these cute quilts made from any material like wool, silk, fleece, flannel and even Chenille.

Personalized baby quilts are the perfect option to gift for newborn babies or mothers-to-be. You can find many variations in choosing fabric material as well. Checkout our Quilting fabrics and panels available in our store online!

Baby Quilt for boys, Animal print for baby quilts, Applique quilts
This picture was printed on my baby shower decorative ballons :D

Quilted baby animal's Noah's Arc

Our Little Girl received these quilts and hats as gift -All made of soft Cotton flanelle material

In Our second project we decided to experiment with the technique of preserving old Heirloom fabrics through Quilting process.
 We got inspired by the art of preserving old family heirloom or sweaters as tradition by quilting them.... hence we used an old pure cotton 9 yard saree as filling for this quilt.... So our girl has a piece of history that belongs to her great grandma ..which hopefully she will treasure..... The fabric used for quilting the design and covering is also from similar heirloom clothes

used an image from old greting card

This is a heritage heirloom quilt

Just crocheted all the left over wool to make this hippie style baby afghan

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Rainbow Mobile

I made and gifted this rainbow mobile for my daughter as her first homemade toy! I crocheted rainbow coloured cotton silk threads to make the rounds and attached it to a wooden skewer cross :) See image below, isn’t it gorgeous?
Handmade baby toys, Crochet circles, Rainbow colour toys

It looks amazing  anywhere either hanging along the wall or at the front door of your kitchen or house. It is a great option to keep your babies engaged looking at such bright coloured mobile. Babies love such kind of colourful things, you can also hang it on your baby's pram :).   

If you wish to have one customised for your baby or as gift to someone special, please Contact Us now!


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