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New Artist Introduction - Edith JoChinke from Queen Victoria Market!

Hello All !

We are delighted to introduce you to our new artists and her latest creations listed in our store! 

Edith JoChinke is Australian Artists from Timeless TreasuresThanks! I made it myself

 The very concept of Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts is largely centred on captivating provincial designs with affordable prices, ranging from simple items like coasters, welcome signs, journals and book ends to decorative products like mirrors with fabricated floral patterns, trays, lamp shades, clocks, door hangers, prints and canvas arts. Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts transforms your simple abode to artistic vintage experience. 

Edith is very talented artists who paints beautiful images of bygone era to create charming provincial crafts. She also offers patterns and kits , so you can create vintage charmed crafts yourself! 

Timeless Treasures is located in String Bean alley of Queen Victoria Market , Melbourne. We are very proud to offer her unique and exquisite products on The Craft Gallery Shop!

Now you can enjoy some beautiful and unique products from local Australian Artisan from comfort of your own home, by visiting our shop! 

Happy shopping!

Share Ideas : Flower Craft Project

Hello All,

Today I am sharing craft project made by my dear friend Meena. She recently shared this beautiful photo on our Facebook Page.

I loved the simplicity of this project! I got the details from Meena to share with all our blog readers :-)
This project is made using fresh flowers arrange (glued) on white card sheet to make beautiful designs. This project is versatile and can be created using artificial flowers too.
We would love to showcase your craft projects too!! Share your projects and craft with us on our Facebook Page anytime!

3 Reasons to Shop at our Handmade Gifts Shop This Christmas !

Hello Readers,

We recently started our Handmade Crafts Section on our Shop! Last week we invited all the local Australian Artists to Join us for selling their handmade products.

We started this service for the following reasons....

1. Convenience :

 - People from all over the globe can buy handmade gifts from the comforts of their home! No more spending Weekend Mornings at local craft fairs! Shop craft market unique products 24/7
- Artists don't have to spend time in attending fairs, learning new skills for selling their crafts on ecommerce. They can spend more time doing what THEY LOVE!

- Less Overheads for artists as they don't spend time in marketing and attending fairs
-Saves you money at the checkout!
-The goods are shipped by Artists direct to customers. So less carbon foot print and more savings!! 
3.More Choices:
- Get variety of artworks at one place. No more web browsing or craft market hoping!!
- You will always find your favourite artists here! Never get disappointed at this Online Craft Market!! No more tracking the artists or hoping the craft markets to find your favourite artists!

Visit us and support us to help spread the Handmade Love to many and in turn support our local Artist and Craft Industry!

Happy Crafting


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Paper Craft Projects

Hello Dear Readers,

We have been busy introducing many new products and services in our store recently.
Now we are very excited to share the details with you all!

We created Crafty Party Favours for one of my friend's son's Birthday Party. This was customise craft packages where we collated paper craft projects for kids from 3years to 10 years age group. It was nice to create a product/service with consultation from our client (8 year old Birthday Boy)

So we decided to have two different sets of project for two age groups 3yrs - 6yrs and 6yrs n Above.
We included craft projects which are quick and easy to make. Also the end product was something that the kids can use or are proud to show others!

Crafty Party Favours - Customise Craft Package Included the following
  1. Blank Greeting cards with matching envelope X 2
  2. Ribbons X 3
  3. Googly Eyes X 2
  4. Multi coloured  A4 size scrapbook papers X 6
  5. Instructions  to create 3 -4 projects
  6. Packed in White craft paper bag. (The bag can also be decorated)
  7. Customised and artistic Name Tags for all guests
All the guests loved to receive a very unique personalised gift bag at the end of the party. Many happy parents called us to thank for such creative projects which their kids can manage to do on their own without creating much mess.

This was very satisfying and fun project for us ! Let us know if we can help you create unique craft packages for any crafts; we love creating tailored packages :)

Sharing some pictures of kids who loved being busy with these crafty favour bags :) Love happy customers, especially when they are so sweet :-)

Happy Crafting!!


Baby Girl Frock Parchment Pattern

Hello Readers !
Today I am sharing one of my old parchment project. I was newly introduced to parchment world and did this project without any guidance.
I I gifted it to my aunt who had her first baby in Jan 2004. She loved and till date it is proudly displayed at her place her in Pune, India.
Recently I asked aunt to click some photos for my blog. I really appreciate her efforts in sending me these pics (though she's not a computer literate)


Materials Used:
  • Plain white vellum paper
  • Dorso Colours
  • Dorso Oil
  • one point needle
  • Embossing Pen (small and medium size)
  • Card Stock for framing

I enlarged one of Martha Ospina's Baby frock pattern and inked it on Vellum paper. I did not have a diamond shape needle tool , so I used one point needle for the net effect in between. (I did not like the outcome, but was too late). I tried adding dorso effect to the frock, but think its bit overdone at some patches.

I Used dark green colour card stock for background and framed it between two glass sheets which added the grace to the final product.

What are the latest projects you are working on?

Happy Crafting!!


Parchment Fairies - Sesonal Greeting Cards

Dear crafters,

I sharing my 3D Parchment Flower Fairy cards. I used matching floral printed vellum paper for background in each cutouts. I embossed few important elements of the floral vellum paper to add further effect to the cards. 

The flower fairies are printed on one sheet of A4 parchment which are embossed and cut out. I use perga glue to stick the fairies on cards, so the embossing is not suppressed or damaged. 

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Recycled Gifts - Greeting Cards

I used pencil sharpenings to make these greeting cards. I used colour pencils sharpening and painted them with sketchpens to add further effect. 

I have used calligraphy for writing messages and tried to create an insiprational series. 

What do you think about this new recycle idea??

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Parchment Greeting Cards

Sharing some of my parchment cards. I used some floral designs on spare parchment scraps. I painted the flowers with parchment ink and embossed all the design.
 Then I perforated the outline and cutout the design. Made small cards with some plain card stock and attached the floral design with double sided duct tape. 

 Following two cards are made from Martha Ospina's design book. I applied some lace to give a personal touch to the candles card. 

This is perfect baby announcement card. I painted the card and did small embroidery through the four punch holes to add a personal touch. 
See the closeup pictures for further details.
Happy Crafting!!

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Thread Painting - Greeting Cards

Today I am sharing one of my old unique cards which me and my father made in school summer holidays. I liked them so much that I have never shared it with anyone. 

Card sheet, threads (various sizes), water paints and some sketch pens 
  1. Take two same size card sheet.
  2. Take any length embroidery threads and dip threads in various inks or paints
  3. Spread the threads on one card in asymmetrical style. Press the second card on it .
  4. Pull the threads while pressing the two cards together. 
  5. This creates the symmetrical lines on both the cards.
  6. Add few details with sketch pens / sharpie to create various forms or shapes from these lines. 
I did the fun part of making imprints from the coloured threads whereas my dad did the creative part of making some shapes out of those lines. 

First one reads: Loneliness; Second one reads: Waves

Did you liked this idea? Would like to know if I can use this technique in any other share your thoughts...

Reads: Blurred memories

Happy Crafting!!

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Greeting Cards- Pencil Colours

Dear Readers,

Today I am sharing some of my Diwali card designs. 


Since childhood I always loved making seasonal cards and gifting to relatives and friends. Now I don't make cards so often and in past few years I have even stopped sharing it with friends.... so these are few of my cards which I never shared.                    
I saved these card with me because I have written few favorites quotes and tried my calligraphy skills too.

Do let me know you favorite design.Do you make handmade cards for festive seasons?

Happy Crafting

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