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Share Ideas : Flower Craft Project

Hello All,

Today I am sharing craft project made by my dear friend Meena. She recently shared this beautiful photo on our Facebook Page.

I loved the simplicity of this project! I got the details from Meena to share with all our blog readers :-)
This project is made using fresh flowers arrange (glued) on white card sheet to make beautiful designs. This project is versatile and can be created using artificial flowers too.
We would love to showcase your craft projects too!! Share your projects and craft with us on our Facebook Page anytime!

Get Customis Craft Packages for any Events!

Paper Craft Projects

Hello Dear Readers,

We have been busy introducing many new products and services in our store recently.
Now we are very excited to share the details with you all!

We created Crafty Party Favours for one of my friend's son's Birthday Party. This was customise craft packages where we collated paper craft projects for kids from 3years to 10 years age group. It was nice to create a product/service with consultation from our client (8 year old Birthday Boy)

So we decided to have two different sets of project for two age groups 3yrs - 6yrs and 6yrs n Above.
We included craft projects which are quick and easy to make. Also the end product was something that the kids can use or are proud to show others!

Crafty Party Favours - Customise Craft Package Included the following
  1. Blank Greeting cards with matching envelope X 2
  2. Ribbons X 3
  3. Googly Eyes X 2
  4. Multi coloured  A4 size scrapbook papers X 6
  5. Instructions  to create 3 -4 projects
  6. Packed in White craft paper bag. (The bag can also be decorated)
  7. Customised and artistic Name Tags for all guests
All the guests loved to receive a very unique personalised gift bag at the end of the party. Many happy parents called us to thank for such creative projects which their kids can manage to do on their own without creating much mess.

This was very satisfying and fun project for us ! Let us know if we can help you create unique craft packages for any crafts; we love creating tailored packages :)

Sharing some pictures of kids who loved being busy with these crafty favour bags :) Love happy customers, especially when they are so sweet :-)

Happy Crafting!!


Wall Painting - Upgrading the room

Hello Crafters

I am sharing my old wall painting which is breathing its last breath and soon will disappear behind a fresh coat of paint.
I painted this grapevine border in our Living room wall to spruce up the plain beige colour wall (2006). I made stencil of the grape bunch using a carbon paper on the wall and then painted each stencil with pearl acrylic colours. It was a perfect summer project for me.

Sorry for the bad photos, but I never actually thought of taking photos of my art work until I started Blogging and Pinning :P ... so the current state of this painting is not so good, due to daily wear and tear.

The border served dual purpose, it made the room look elegant and also ensured that chairs are not pushed (rubbed) against the wall which gives permanent black scratches. My in-laws were very impressed to see this art work and asked me to make similar one at their place :)
Grapevine painting

Have you updated your walls with any personal touches?

Happy Painting! 

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Dance Party - Handmade Theme Decorations ( new photos added)

Invitation card - Photo shop
Our little one just turned two and we had a dance theme party for her!  

I was keen to make decorations and invitation card unique and handmade this time. Last year I could only manage to make invitation at home and print them on fancy scrapbook paper and send them by post. 
So this time I am trying to be more creative as my little girl just loves colours and decorations.

Hand painted magic bottles
 So I did some pinning and found some cool projects to do which would be apt for my theme party.

Magic Bottle: I painted the spice jars with some multicoloured glow paint to make my own version of magic bottle. I decided to keep the dots big and colourful to match the theme, once shown on the link above would be good for bit older kids. 

I also filled up these magic glow bottles with some colourful fruit lollies and included a small thank you note.

Pompoms: Recently one can see pompom and bunting being used in very store window decor and lifestyle magazines. So obviously I had to include it in my party as its the hep thing to do! Buying ready made pompom on eBay was proving bit costly ($15 each, which I was then suppose to fan out and make it look round) So decided to do try it on my own, found this helpful tutorial and followed it through to achieve great results. I made 12 pompoms of six different colours.

 Bunting: I had to make cool buntings to go with all the other props. Australia unfortunately doesn't have wide range of variety when it comes to decorations. Up market stores have variety, but it comes with hefty price tag, which I would like to avoid. 
So I searched for free printable designs online and printed them on A4 paper and cut out the triangles of various sizes to make this pretty unique bunting.

Decoration of bunting and pompoms

 On the party day all the party props just matched well together and made the space look very cheerful and happy. A perfect dance floor for my little girl! 

Return gifts - Magic bottles with fruit lollies
All the guests noticed the colourful decor and little kids even asked for the pompoms to take home for their own rooms... that made all my efforts of preplanned decoration worthwhile!

Let me know what you think about it. If you need any party ideas in future, I am more than happy to help... I am just an email/comment away! 

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