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New Artist Introduction - Edith JoChinke from Queen Victoria Market!

Hello All !

We are delighted to introduce you to our new artists and her latest creations listed in our store! 

Edith JoChinke is Australian Artists from Timeless TreasuresThanks! I made it myself

 The very concept of Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts is largely centred on captivating provincial designs with affordable prices, ranging from simple items like coasters, welcome signs, journals and book ends to decorative products like mirrors with fabricated floral patterns, trays, lamp shades, clocks, door hangers, prints and canvas arts. Timeless Treasures Country Cottage Crafts transforms your simple abode to artistic vintage experience. 

Edith is very talented artists who paints beautiful images of bygone era to create charming provincial crafts. She also offers patterns and kits , so you can create vintage charmed crafts yourself! 

Timeless Treasures is located in String Bean alley of Queen Victoria Market , Melbourne. We are very proud to offer her unique and exquisite products on The Craft Gallery Shop!

Now you can enjoy some beautiful and unique products from local Australian Artisan from comfort of your own home, by visiting our shop! 

Happy shopping!

Hand Painted Fashion Posters from 1921 - Fred Rusic

Happy New Year to all readers!!

Thank you for your loyal support for the past year :)

Since October we started offering Handmade Gifts from Local Artists in our store. Now we have Australian Artists who have joined our services and are proudly showcasing their creations in our store.

Today we are introducing our most recent artists Fred Rusic. We met Fred at local Ferntree Gully Village Artisan Market early this month.

We loved his meticulously handpainted posters. We soon invited him  to showcase it on our website so many more craft lovers can view them.

Fred has collected these vintage 1921 Fashion Prints over the years and now he bleaches them and hand paints them with great detail and care. He frames these posters on light weight white boards. So they are ready to decorate your beautiful homes :)

The posters can be detached from the white boards if you need to reframe them or have some different ideas.

Please Note: No digital means have been used to produce these colour effects! 

Let us know, what you think about Fred's artwork, by leaving us a comment below!

Happy crafting


Share Ideas : Flower Craft Project

Hello All,

Today I am sharing craft project made by my dear friend Meena. She recently shared this beautiful photo on our Facebook Page.

I loved the simplicity of this project! I got the details from Meena to share with all our blog readers :-)
This project is made using fresh flowers arrange (glued) on white card sheet to make beautiful designs. This project is versatile and can be created using artificial flowers too.
We would love to showcase your craft projects too!! Share your projects and craft with us on our Facebook Page anytime!

Salt Dough Decorations - Fun Crafts for kids

I am very proud to posts some of my little girl's craft work on this blog today! 
Introducing 4th Generation Crafter in our house, our daugther 3yr old Shreya.

 I loved the idea of creating salt dough gift tags on Pinterest. So I thought of introducing this art to Shreya and create something unique and fun.
Plain Flour
Rangoli Colours (Coloured Limestone Powder)
Water Based Glue
Cookie Cutters

 Step by Step process:

1. Mix the salt and flour with water to make a pliable dough.

2. Roll the dough and cut various shapes with cookie cutter.
Make whole in each shape for tying strings for hanging later.

 3. Bake these shapes in microwave for 20-20 seconds at 900W.

4. Ensure it firms the dough without any discoloration

5. Apply glue to one side of the shape and dip in preferred rangoli powder and shake off any excess

6. Let it dry in sun for 30 minutes.

7. Tie fancy ribbons or strings and make a bunting for your kids room.

Shreya loved doing all the rolling , cutting and colouring process and is very proud to display it in her window.

Its a good activity to keep kids busy for 2-3 hours for quiet play time.

Do share your thoughts and views on it.

Happy Crafting



Handmade Beads Curtain

Hello Readers!!
Today I am sharing my mum's latest creation "Beads Curtain". She chose some cool combination of glass beads and pipes to make this curtain. Its used as fancy decor to divide the open living area in dining and living zones.
Sorry for the poor photography, but these were taken after the project was finished so we couldnot prop it in any fancy way.
Do Share your views and ideas


Baby Girl Frock Parchment Pattern

Hello Readers !
Today I am sharing one of my old parchment project. I was newly introduced to parchment world and did this project without any guidance.
I I gifted it to my aunt who had her first baby in Jan 2004. She loved and till date it is proudly displayed at her place her in Pune, India.
Recently I asked aunt to click some photos for my blog. I really appreciate her efforts in sending me these pics (though she's not a computer literate)


Materials Used:
  • Plain white vellum paper
  • Dorso Colours
  • Dorso Oil
  • one point needle
  • Embossing Pen (small and medium size)
  • Card Stock for framing

I enlarged one of Martha Ospina's Baby frock pattern and inked it on Vellum paper. I did not have a diamond shape needle tool , so I used one point needle for the net effect in between. (I did not like the outcome, but was too late). I tried adding dorso effect to the frock, but think its bit overdone at some patches.

I Used dark green colour card stock for background and framed it between two glass sheets which added the grace to the final product.

What are the latest projects you are working on?

Happy Crafting!!


Fabric Embossed Painting

Hello lovely people,

Today I am going to share my kit art with you. Since 2000 there's new craze of getting craft kits in India. I got the bug once and I tried this emboss painting kit from the craft shop in 2002. 

So the kit included a velvet cloth with printed picture of this lady. The painting was covered in some grey solution. Some glitter paints in primary colours were provided along with a mediocre brush. One leaflet instructions were enough to get me moving with this project. 

I had to paint all the grey coloured sections of the design with my choice of colours and let it dry over night. The glitter paints could be mixed with other colours or white colour to change the shade.
After the painting is dry , press it from the wrong side with hot steam iron. The hot steam makes the painted area puff and looks like embossed. Looks like magic! 

I got the velvet cloth framed. One of my friend loved it and ask me to make similar thing for her wedding. So I painted a beautiful peacock for her. 

Later I found out that the grey solution is the cloth embossing paint which can be applied to any fabric to get that puffed look.  I used that fabric embossing paint for some project , but was disappointed with the result. 

Now I just don't feel the novelty of using these crafts kits anymore. Now I like to do crafts from scratch.

Do share your kit arts with me.

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Wall hanging made of Beads

Hello crafters,

This wall hanging was made by my mum some 30 odd years ago and is still a part of our house decor.... I like the simplicity and durability of this craft. 

Small plastic beads were woven and intertwined together to form these small hexagons, which were then joined together in the end. 

I have not learned this craft from mum yet, something I would certainly learn in near future... 

Share your old crafts too...

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Ink Painting - Wall Decor

I got inspired by Japanese ink art on canvas to make my own version. I saw a small documentary about japanese artist creating japanese designs with indigo ink on a canvas and coating it with varnish spray. 

So I decided to try the same idea, but used sharpie pen instead of ink. I liked the way the project turned out.

Also it was a quick craft project. 

Did you liked this idea? 

Happy crafting!
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Orissa Art - Papyrus cutwork Ganesha

Dear Readers,

Today I am sharing one of the Indian Artworks. I can't remember the traditional Indian name of this craft. I purchased this art piece from Handicraft Exhibition in Pune, India in 2006.

The design is hand drawn on the papyrus with natural dye. Then the cut work is done. The first layer of papyrus is cutout delicately to create 2 dimensions. The design is then shaded and coloured with natural inks and dyes. The design is then divided in to even strips of papyrus and tied with thread. This makes it easy to fold the design for storage. 

Have you seen any variations of this art? Do let me know the name of this art ... 

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Ceramic Painting - Key Holder

 This post was published on Craftziners on 29th August 2012.
Hello Crafters,

Today I am sharing some clay art which I created in 2001. Its a key ring holder. 

  1. Ceramic Powder
  2. Acrylic colours
  3. pre cut ply - key holder shape
  4. Water Based Glue 
  5. Water
  6. Resin
  1.  Apply primer to the ply board and paint with metallic colour. I chose golden colour
  2. Make a soft dough of porcelain clay (use small quantity), water and glue. Its should not be sticky and should be firm enough to hold its shape
  3. Prepare various shapes and press it on the painted ply. 
  4. Use remaining porcelain clay and glue to make dough. its should be bit more runny which can be piped through a piping bag.
  5. Fill zip lock bag with the dough paste and snip off one of the corner to make a cone for piping the paste. 
  6. Draw small items like twigs, leaves and small flowers, outlines using this method.
  7. Let it dry overnight and paint with your favourite acrylic colours
  8. Once the colours are dry apply thin coat of resin on all the design. This makes it look shiny and makes it easy to maintain.  
Tips: Lay the ply flat at all times. 

Time: 4-5 Days inclusive of the drying time.

Happy Crafting 

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Mirror Painting - Experimenting stain glass colours

Hello All,

I painted a simple mirror with some stain glass paints and updated it to classy decor item. This is one more way of using some of my designs which I shared in my previous posts here, here, here and here.

I used black liner to outline the design and painted with normal stain glass colours. I decided to use some frost paint for the background , so the design will stand out and make a better impact. 

All my stain glass painting were created during 2003 winter period as I did the designer course from celene deco art products in India. 
But unfortunately I was not able to follow this art through as I got busy with higher studies and settling down in Australia. 

Stain glass painting is very versatile and a quick way to upgrade simple objects in your home . 

Do share your projects with me !

Happy crafting !  

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Stain Glass Painting - Fish Pattern

Sharing some more Stain painting art work. This was made during the same time when i got the bug of stain painting(2003). 

I was experimenting with various products given by the Celine Art Deco groups as part of the seminar I attended. I was like a kid in candy store all busy trying new things and getting excited 

The fish was painted with opaque pearl colours and the grass was painted with transparent colour just to create an impact in the design. 
I used the frosted paint for the background .

Again aluminium foil was used in the background while framing the picture. 

I personally think that the aluminium foil does not suit in this picture, but many of my friends like it. 

What do you think?

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Stain Glass painting - Ganesha

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am sharing my first Stain Glass Painting art with you all today. I attended the Celine art deco seminar in 2002 for one day and painted this frame under their supervision and guidance. 

I love Ganesha and every time I start something new I start in HIS name, so was happy to receive this design in the seminar. 

I framed the glass later with the aluminium foil in the background. 

My grandma loved it so much that she took it to her house and to this day its proudly sits in her living room.

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Collage - Deer Painting

Hello Crafters,

Sharing some of my favourite art work - my deer collage.

I made this in 1996 during summer vacation. This project is again made on a very small budget and is a quick one.

  1. Card sheet
  2. Sketch pens / paints
  3. Craft Mirrors
  4. Glue
  1. Draw the basic sketch with pencil
  2. Paint with mixed medium of water colours and sketch pens
  3. stick craft mirrors in creative way 
  4. Frame the card sheet 
Tips: many collage items could be added like cotton for the clouds, coloured crepe paper for the trees etc..

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Parchment Fan - Wall Decor

Hello Parchment Lovers,

Since I learnt Parchment craft, I made few projects of my own. This fan was my first solo project and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

The lady who taught me the Parchment art gave me some free patterns for various projects. So I used the rose panel to make this fan.

It took me longer to finish this project due to its intricate details and a lace pattern. 

I created variation of this pattern by painting the roses and lace and gifted it to my sister in law a wedding present. Also the size of fan was bit small which suited well to the design.
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Collage Ganesha - Recycling craft

Ganpati Bappa Moraya---- Ganesh Festival is soon approaching and everyone must be busy preparing the decorations for the festivities. 
I love celebrating this festival the most. I always love to create some unique art pieces as part of the decorations. I made this collage in 1998 as part of the decoration for Bappa's arrival.    

I decided to make a recycled craft that's quick and chic without costing a bomb.  My father collected lots of peacock feathers every year during their molting period. He worked in defence factory which was surrounded by forests on all sides, so lots of natures bounties were to be found. (best way to spend one hour of lunch break, I guess!) 
  1. Peacock feathers, 
  2. Spare Cardboard box lid, 
  3. white thick plain paper, 
  4. Old Wedding Invitation card, 
  5. Glitter, 
  6. Scissors, 
  7. Glue, 
  8. Coloured pencils 
  1. Cover the cardboard box lid with white thick sheet.
  2. Arrange the peacock feathers in circular fan shape and glue them one by one when you are happy with the placement.
  3. While the glue is drying start creating the image of Lord Ganesha. I cutout the beautifully carved corners of old wedding invitation card and used it as the crown. The corners were embossed on beige colour paper, I coloured it with colour pencils to brighten it up. 
  4. Use the remaining invitation to cut out the face and body parts of the Ganesha. Paint the details on the back side and paint with appropriate colours. 
  5. Cut out each body part separately so its easy to stick and decorate. 
  6. Add glitter to the edges of all body parts and let it dry.
Time : It takes up to 4 hours from scratch. 

Happy crafting everyone ! Enjoy the festivities 

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