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Knitted Collar Vest - Toddler

Hello Knitters

One more project created by my Mum for our toddler S. Yes I am getting ready for winter of 2012, and making the most of my Mum's stay in OZ.

Materials used: 
  • Pure Wool - 2 balls (100gms) 8ply
  • Knitting Needles - size 6
  • Woollen needle
  • Wooden Buttons
  • Crochet needle
Time: Its difficult to give exact time limit as it was ON/OFF project for mum 

Process: (Note: Detailed process is too intricate, hence highlight of the process is mentioned below. If you are a beginner knitter and need more help please feel free to ask your questions in comments section or email me)
  1. This vest is knitted as one piece uptil chest and then is divided in to three parts to form the armholes. 
  2. Plain knitting is used as the wool was too thick to suit any patterns
  3. The border on both edges was created as add on feature by picking up the stitches in horizontal line. 
  4. The collar was created after the border by picking up stiched from the neckline and borders in vertical line
  5. Wooden button were attached on both sides of the borders
  6. Loops were created using crochet chains and attache to the buttons on one edge 
open - flat look

inside out

Happy Knitting

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