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Crochet Cardigan for 3-4 year old

 Hello Readers!!
Today I am sharing my first completed project of 2013!!!Hooray.... crochet this half sleeve cardigan for our daughter. This was my first attempt at making a collar pattern. I got this pattern from Lion Brand Pattern Centre. Its very easy and quick project to do. There is no stitch variation only hdc stitches throughout makes this simple yet elegant piece.
Now I am charged up to start some more projects for the coming year!! Looks Like I am hooked on to Crochet Again!!!

Crochet A-line Jumper - 12 months girl

Full Front view of the dress
 Hello lovely readers,

I made this cute A-line dress for my niece. I was going to see her first time on my recent trip to India, so decided to make something special for her. 

2 view
I came across this Crochet pattern on Pinterest!The pattern is available for free on Barnet website. I have not tried making the beautiful matching hat as mentioned in the pattern yet. Winter's are not so cold in Western India, so decided not to gift the hat. 
Close-up of the crochet flower embellishment

My Niece is still 6 months old, but I made the dress for winter 2012 when she will be 12 months old. 
It took me 2 weeks to crochet this dress working 1-2 hours everyday. The pattern is not written well and needs a lot of readjustments. Like it says 3dc and 1sc which doesn't work. it should be 3sc in one chain and 1sc to make the work more soft and wearable. 
Close view of the button flowers and belts
Also the thickness of the belts was too much compared to the narrow body work. The button flowers mentioned in the pattern are also too bulky for the narrow body structure. So I made smaller flowers with different pattern to suit the overall look. 
Back view of the belts
The instructions mentioned for the upper body part are not easy to follow , so I altered them at some places to make it more easy. 

My Sister-in-law loved the dress I made for her first child. I am looking forward to share a photo of my niece wearing this pretty dress, in coming months.

To Order a similar dress for your little loved ones , please email me or leave me a message. I am happy to customise a dress in different colours and sizes.

Happy crafting

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Summer Indian Dress - Toddler

 Hello Crafters,

My mum made this cute summer Indian dress for Little "S"
Its sleeveless Punjabi dress (North Indian dress) made of pure cotton.


I would like to tell you a little secret about this dress ( its made from my Old Punjabi dress Salwar) Yeah I was bored of wearing this punjabi dress , so decided to upscale it. 

Using only the salwar (pants) of my dress this whole costume could be made.Plus our little one liked it too...

What do you do when you get bored of particular accessories or clothing? do you upcyle or restyle it ?
Share your projects with me..

Happy crafting

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Recycled Quilt - 1st Quilt

 Sharing our first Quilt experience with you all. 
front view

This quilt is made by me and my mum for my daughter S.  The quilt is suitable for kids single bed and cosy to provide warmth in the cool winter nights. 
Rajasthani motif - elephant

We made this quilt over a year ago when the quilt bug got to us! We decided to use all the fabrics lying around the house to learn the ropes of trade. We followed step-by-step quilter's guide in making this quilt. 

Little One - S
 I personally never expected this project to turnout even up to use able standards let alone sharing on the blog! But when I showed it to our little one , she absolutely loved it and was frolicking on it for good 30 minutes.... so I decided to capture this moment and share with my blogdost (blog friends)

Closer Look
 Materials used: 
  1. Queen bed fitted bedspread(chequered blue)
  2. Cotton skirt with rajasthani print 
  3. Brother Sewing machine
  4. Fabrics scraps as wadding 
  5. Spare acrylic wool to made woollen lace
  6. crochet needle
  1. Cut out triangles and squares with various motifs from the Rajasthani Block Print Skirt 
  2. Washed these swatches before stiching them to blue fabric strips. 
  3. Joined the blue strips with chequered strips 
  4. Cutout one continuous rectangle from the bedspread to work as backing. 
  5. Sandwiched various fabrics scraps (cotton only) in between as wadding. 
  6. Pinned all the three layers and sew straight lines at equal distance with sewing machine( this was tricky part as the scraps were of various lenghts and thicknesses) 
  7. Attached bias strips from the remaining blue cloth from the bedspread. 
  8. Using spare wool crocheted small lace with double crochet and attached it to the blue rectangles with hand sewing
    Back side

Things we learnt: This was very steep learning curve for us. 
  1. Always use polyester or cotton wadding material rather than fabrics scraps for big quilts (as stiching fabric scraps is time consuming)
  2. Consider seam allowance while cutting the various pieces 
  3. Never be ashamed of your projects :D
    proudly stored in little one's room

    Happy Quilting !

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A-Line Frock for Toddler

front side
Hello Friends! 
Finally there's one tick in our "to do list" for this year!
My mum made this dress for S recently.Yes its the same Ikea fabric used in this project as I mentioned in my previous post here
back side - close-up

I am super impressed with the dress. The fabric is really thick makes it perfect for layering in autumn weather! 
back side
Also the dandelion pattern makes my girl look tall and very adorable.
The dress is very easy to wear for toddlers (especially the ones who love dress by themselves) as there's only one press button at the back 
and simple belt to tie at the back. 
Seeing a big grin on S face made the efforts worthwhile for the proud Granny!

Happy crafting! 

(Please contact me if you would like to custom make a similar dress for your little one )

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