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Open Invitation: For All Crafters and Artists!! Join Us in Our Handmade Gift Shop!

Local Artists, Buy handmade, gifts,

Who Are We?

The Craft Gallery is an Online Retail Shop specializing in Craft Supplies and Hand-Made Gifts. 

We are the leading online shopping destination for Australia’s smart shoppers, and are proudly 100% Australian owned!

We believe that the internet has made the world a better place to shop, and our goal is to make the latest craft supplies more affordable for every Craft artist and Craft lover.

The Craft Gallery, Handmade Gifts, Craft Supplies Together – we are a Team

We understand that you are crafters / artists and would like to spend more time on Creativity than worrying about How to sell your creations

  The Craft Gallery Team brings the latest Technology including SEO, Social media networking, Online marketing experts and Brand Promotion to the table.

 You bring the unique handmade products to the table.

Let’s get together and embrace a new journey to sell and purchase Craft Supplies and Hand-Made goods online to the World
Handmade Gifts

Package Deal –

Upload Service charge $7.00 for every 10

Products per month plus 10%

Commission when item sold.

P.S.Free Offer is Ending on 14 Feb 2014

How can we deliver together?

We believe 3 things are important in achieving any dream. Focus, Focus and Focus.

·         We ‘Focus’ on what we love –Assisting others to achieve their dreams. We do that by providing online platform to craft artists such as yourself, managing The Craft Gallery website, uploading images of your products, promoting your products and notifying you once the product is sold.

·         You ‘Focus’ on what you love –Making Extraordinary Craft Items.

·         Together we ‘Focus’ on taking the handmade items to the world. Contact us to register ; let’s get the journey started.

How it works 

Step -1 YOU send us the pictures when your product is ready to be shipped.
Step-2 We Upload the pictures on our website

o   Do the promotion and marketing on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog. etc   

o   We also have
Facebook shop integrated completely to provide easy shopping experience for our followers

Step-3 When the product is sold, we notify you by email and sms

Step-4 YOU ship the product to the new owner

Step-5 WE deposit the money in your bank account before 5pm (AEST) on last working day of every month.


1.       How many products can we upload?

A: There is no limit for number of products; however The Craft Gallery reserves the right to choose the product to maintain uniqueness and quality.

2.       How many pictures for each product can we upload?

A: Again no limit, however, we recommend a maximum of 5 pictures per product.

3.       How is the commission calculated?

A: Commission is calculated based on the base price of the product. E.g. a 10 variety greeting card Packet is considered as 1 product. If it’s base price is $15, then we charge $1.5 as our selling commission. (In addition to the upload service charge)

Note: We DO NOT calculate our commission based on price including postage.

4.       What about shipping Australia-wide?

A: We calculate postage based on weight and charge as per Australia Post policy. We advise you to do the same. Let us know the (approx.) postage for your product.

5.       How about shipping overseas

A: Again, we recommend Australia Post for overseas shipping. We generally advise buyers of the shipping charges up-front.

6.       I have more Questions on terms and conditions OR I need more information

A: Contact us  any time…!

Basket Weave Scarf - Crochet Project

Hello Readers,

I am back from a short Maternity break! Yes we welcomed little boy in our family in MAY 2013. 

I am so glad to have completed this project, so now my Father-in-law can wear it everyday for his morning walks!
I love basket weave, but knitting it takes a long time. So I was browsing some easy patterns in crochet which won't go wrong. I found this beautiful picture tutorial on Pinterest.

I used Acrylic Panda Yarn about 200gms and used 3.5mm Crochet hook

Do share your winter crafts!

Happy Crafting


Crochet Baby Change Bag

Crocheted Baby Change Bag - Pictorial Given Below

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to share my  First Crochet Pattern YAAAY!!!
I adapted this pattern from a knitting pattern seen in Natural Knits for Babies and toddlers book by Tina Barrett.
This handy changing bag also doubles up as a changing mat. It is ideal for storing all the essential equipment and has useful front pocket too.

Knitted Baby Change Bag - Inspiration

I have tried to capture every step in pictures below, hope it makes sense to all you readers. I have also written some basic crochet pattern below. (Click to continue..for pictorial instructions..... long post)

Newborn Baby Crochet Set

 Hello Readers,

The great response received for the baby turban inspired me to make a complete set for our new member. So I was back to my pinterest Crochet board to find more patterns.
I love this baby cardigan pattern from  Yarny Days Blog as I wanted to learn the knack of making a continuous one piece sweater. The pattern was easy to follow, but I had to amend it as  I was using very light weight yarn and also wanted ribbed pattern to match with the turban.
Materials used:
  • Light weight acrylic multi coloured yarn.
  • 3.5mm Crochet Hook
Changes made to the original Pattern:
Started with 48 chains instead of 38.
The circumference of the cardigan measured 28 inches before beginning the pattern
I alternated between front loop and back loop for each row to get the ribbed pattern.
Used same colour yarn for the edging
space out the three buttons to close the cardigan completely
Baby Booties: I wanted to try this Baby Booties pattern for so long. Finally got a perfect reason to make these.
Again I made some changes to the pattern. I used 3.5mm hook for the sole and then 4mm hook for the side and top of the booties.
They seemed to be too small for newborn when I made using only 3.5mm hook as suggested in the pattern.
This was very quick project took me only 10 hours to complete the set. I hope it fits the new born perfectly.
Have you created something from Pinterest recently?
Please do share here
Happy Crafting

Crochet Scarf for mum

 Made this beautiful scarf for my mum. Autumn is about to start so getting ready for colder months.....

This pattern is again inspired from pinterest pins and I have not altered this pattern at all. I made this as surprise gift for my mum overnight...its really quick and can be completed in 2hours. 

The weave is thick and cozy. Also I learned how to make fringe with this pattern. 

Share your projects too.!!

100th Post !!Crochet Turban for newborn baby

Hello Friends!!

Meet our little Sardar Teddy Singh! We are celebrating our 100th Post today!!

 I made this cute turban crochet for our new member who will be arriving soon in to our world. I used the pattern from pinterest pin. 

I just got this idea of adding some pearls where the four ribs are clutched together. Its very quick and easy pattern to follow. It took me only 2.5 hours from start to finish for this project. 

 I used baby yarn of 4ply instead of worsted, but crocheted it bit loose, so it matches the gauge required for the project .

Thank you for all your ongoing support and following...... 

Happy Crocheting


Crochet Bulky Skullcap

Sharing some more Pinterest inspired projects...

 I made this skullcap with folded flap for myself.... I loved this pattern  and was perfect for using all the bulky yarn. 

This pattern required 1.5 skein of yarn. So I had to use another colour for the flap. Coincidentally now it matches with my neck warmer project.

Crochet Neck Cowl - Mustard Yellow

 Hello Readers!!

I have recently completed 2-3 crochet project which are quick and easy to make. I have selected few of my favourite pinterest pins and made these projects.

I always wanted to make neck warmer/cowl which is buttoned so I don't loose it :)
So while exploring one of my pin I stumbled on to this design and I have even tried to match the wool colour too.

Materials: 1 Skein of Bulky Yarn , 8mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, 2 wooden buttons.

Stitches: V stitch pattern is used to make this cowl.

Pattern: please click on the link above to get the pattern from original source.

 I am going to share some more crochet projects in following posts.....
Please do share your projects too!!

Happy Crafting


Crochet Mobile Cover

Hello Readers!!

My mum recently crocheted this cute little mobile cover from some spare wool. I liked the bead combination she has used for the flap opening. She created it on her own without any pattern to follow, but she depends on her memory a no written pattern for the blog :(

Happy Crafting!!



Crochet Cardigan for 3-4 year old

 Hello Readers!!
Today I am sharing my first completed project of 2013!!!Hooray.... crochet this half sleeve cardigan for our daughter. This was my first attempt at making a collar pattern. I got this pattern from Lion Brand Pattern Centre. Its very easy and quick project to do. There is no stitch variation only hdc stitches throughout makes this simple yet elegant piece.
Now I am charged up to start some more projects for the coming year!! Looks Like I am hooked on to Crochet Again!!!