Wall Painting - Upgrading the room

Hello Crafters

I am sharing my old wall painting which is breathing its last breath and soon will disappear behind a fresh coat of paint.
I painted this grapevine border in our Living room wall to spruce up the plain beige colour wall (2006). I made stencil of the grape bunch using a carbon paper on the wall and then painted each stencil with pearl acrylic colours. It was a perfect summer project for me.

Sorry for the bad photos, but I never actually thought of taking photos of my art work until I started Blogging and Pinning :P ... so the current state of this painting is not so good, due to daily wear and tear.

The border served dual purpose, it made the room look elegant and also ensured that chairs are not pushed (rubbed) against the wall which gives permanent black scratches. My in-laws were very impressed to see this art work and asked me to make similar one at their place :)
Grapevine painting

Have you updated your walls with any personal touches?

Happy Painting! 

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