Introducing New Artists - Sally Green creative Glass Artists

Born with a creative intention to blend art with life,our artist Sally Green is one of the soul who is obsessed of completely transforming even the simplest colours & lines into something truly artistic. Encouraged to paint and draw from a very young age, her passion made her choose the first profession as an airbrush artist. As Sally entered into this exquisite market of arts, she established her own shop where she educated & created murals extensively for public perusal. This wasn’t the only limit, in pursuit of modern art technique that combined her career and creative desire- The Glass Art was formed.
In the year 2002, Sally changed the traditional way of Glass Art & converted it into something very unique using attractive colours & Glass beads, a method known as Lampwork. She took a lot of efforts for over 8 years for creating this artpiece into something very beautiful & exceptional from other similar art. Sally wanted it to be the best of the class & thus she struggled to make her unique Handmade Jewellery Hand-blown Glass adding her own innovative style of arts & some colourful Glass Beads. Her skills are commended worldwide & especially in the Australian Art Galleries. This doesn’t stop her from hunting & trying out new ideas to reinvent her Glass Art making it superior. She never gets tired to justify her passion & works on her Glass art in her Studio which is based out of Dandenong range, east of Melbourne.
Lampwork is a kind of art that requires a lot of dedication & endurance. If you are a true believer of this art only then you find it easy to make. These believer of arts can only be the people who are eligible to call themselves as Artists. The artists can only understand what it takes to make the Lampwork beads using the glass & torch. There is a proper technique of heating the glass & beads, giving it a required shape, adding the ornamental elements & choosing the perfect range of colours to mix-up with one another.
These Glass beads can be availed as per the choice – simple ones without any embellishments or the ones with decorative objects. Various coatings of colourful glasses are used by melting them in order to obtain the finest look of the artpiece. The practice of making hand-blown glass is very difficult and it takes years of practice to get it perfect. Our Artist Sally has reached the level where she has earned the identity of being one of the greatest artists to make the Glass Art famous & elegant to wear.
Her range of creations are available for display on her website where one can contact the artist and get the custom pieces crafted by her & completely unique from others. One thing can be definite that once you wear the Glass Artpiece made by Sally Green, you surely going to look graceful and will get beautiful compliments.